FUTURE STATE - , evidence. A state of existence after this life. 2. A witness who does not believe in any future state of existence was formerly inadmissible as a witness. The true test of a witnesses competency, on the ground of his rel...


    FUTURE DEBT - . In Scotland this term is applied to a debt which though created is not due, but is to become so at a future day. 1 Bell's Com. 315, 5th ed.


    FURTHER HEARING - , crim. law, practice. Hearing at another time. 2. Prisoners are frequently committed for further hearing, either when there is not sufficient evidence for a final commitment, or because the magistrate has not time, at...


    FURTHER ASSURANCE - . This phrase is frequently used in covenants, when a covenantor has granted an estate, and it is supposed some further conveyance may be required. He then enters into a covenant for further assurance, that is, to make an...


    FURNITURE - . Personal chattels in the use of a family. By the term household furniture in a will, all personal chattels will pass which may contribute to the use or convenience of the householder, or the ornament of the house; as, plate, li...


    FURLOUGH - . A permission given in the army and-navy to an officer or private to absent himself for a limited time.


    FURLONG - . A measure of length, being forty poles, or one-eighth of a mile. Vide Measures.


    FURLINGUS - . A furlong, or a furrow oneeighth part of a mile long. Co. Litt. 5. b.


    FURIOSUS - . An insane man; a madman; a lunatic. 2. In general, such a man can make no contract, because he has no capacity or will: Furiosus nullum negotium genere potest, quia non intelligit quod agit. Inst. 3, 20, 8. Indeed, he is consid...


    FURCA - . The gallows. 3 Inst. 58.


    FUNGIBLE - . A term used in the civil, French, and Scotch law, it signifies anything whatever, which consists in quantity, and is regulated by number, weight, or measure; such as corn, wine, or money.. Hein. Elem. Pand. Lib. 12, t. 1, §...


    FUNERAL EXPENSES - . Money expended in procuring the interment of a corpse. 2. The person who orders the funeral is responsible personally for the expenses, and if the estate of the deceased should be insolvent, he must lose the amount...


    FUNDUS - , civil raw. Any portion of land whatever, without considering the use or employ to which it is applied.


    FUNDS - . Cash on hands; as, A B is in funds to pay my bill on him; stocks, as, A B has $1000 in the funds. By public funds is understood, the taxes, customs, &c . appropriated by the, government for the discharge of its obligations....


    FUNDING SYSTEM - , Eng. law. The name given to a plan which provides that on the creation of a public loan, funds shall immediately be formed, and secured by law, for the payment of the interest, until the state shall redeem the whole, and a...


    FUNDED DEBT - . That part of the national debt for which certain funds are appropriated towards the payment of the interest.


    FUNDAMENTAL - . This word is applied to those laws which are the foundation of society. Those laws by which the exercise of power is restrained and regulated, are fundamental. The Constitution of the United States is the fundamental law of t...


    FUNCTUS OFFICIO - . This term is applied to something which once had life and power, but which now has no virtue whatsoever; as, for example, a warrant of attorney on which a judgment has been entered, is, functus officio, and a second judgm...


    FUNCTIONARY - . One who is in office or in some public employment.


    FUNCTION - , office. Properly, the occupation of an office; by the performance of its duties, the officer is said to fill his function. Dig. lib. 32, 1. 65, §1.