JUS RELICTA, - Scotch law. The right of a wife, after her hushand's death, to a third of movables, if there be children; and to one-half, if there be none.


    JURE, WRIT OF - , Engl. law. The name of a writ commanding the defendant to show by what right he demands common of pasture in the land of the complainant, who claims to have a fee in the same. F. N. B. 299.


    JOCALIA - . Jewels; this term was formerly more properly applied to those ornaments which women, although married, call their own. When these jocalia are not suitable to her degree, they are assets for the payment of debts. 1 Roll. Ab. 911....


    JOBBER - , commerce. One who buys end sells articles for others. Stock jobbers are those who buy, and sell stocks for others; this term is also applied to those who speculate in stocks on their own account.


    JERGUER - , Engl. law. An officer of the custom-house, who oversees the waiters. Techn. Dict. h. t.


    JEOPARDY - . Peril, danger. 2. This is the meaning attached to this word used in the act establishing and regulating the post office department. The words of the act are, "or if, in effecting such robbery of the mail the first time, the offe...