NOTORIETY - , evidence. That which is generally known. 2, This notoriety is of fact or of law. In general, the notoriety of a fact is not suffi- cient to found a judgment or to rely on its truth; 1 Ohio Rep. 207; but there are some facts of...

  • NOTES,

    NOTES, - practice. Short statements of what transpires on the trial of a cause; they are generally made by the judge and the counsel, for their Own satisfaction. 2. They are not, per se, evidence on another trial, not being in the natu...

  • NOTE,

    NOTE, - estates, conv., practice. The fourth part of a fine of lands: it is an abstract of the writ of covenant and concord, and is only a, doequet taken by the chirographer, from which he draws up the indenture. It is sometimes taken in the...


    NOTE OF HAND, - contracts. Another name, less technical, for a promissory note. (q. v.) 2 Bl. Com. 467. Vide Bank note; Promissory note, Reissuable note.


    NOTARY or NOTARY PUBLIC. - An officer appointed by the executive, or other appointing power, under the laws of different states. 2. Their duties are generally prescribed by such laws. The most usual of which are, l. To attest deeds, agree...


    NOT POSSESSED. - A plea sometimes used in actions of trover, when the defendant was not possessed of the goods at the commencement of the action. 3 Mann. & Gr. 101, 103.


    NOT GUILTY, - pleading. The general issue in several sorts of actions. It is the general issue. 2. In trespass, its form is as follows: "And the said C D, by E F, his attorney, comes and defends the, force and injury, when, &c., and sa...


    NOT FOUND. - These words are endorsed ou a bill of indictment by a grand jury,.when they have not sufficient evidence to find a true bill; the same as Ignoramus. (q. v.)


    NOSOCOMI, - civil law. Persons who have the management and care of hospitals for paupers. Clef Lois Rom. mot Administrateurs.


    NORTH CAROLINA. - The name of one of the original states of the United States of America. The territory which now forms this state was included in the grant made in 1663 by Charles II. to Lord Clarendon and others, of a much more extensive...

  • North Carolina

    North Carolina - Martin's Reports. 1 vol. Heywood's Reports. From 1789 to 1806. 2 vols. Taylor's Reports. From 1789 to 1802. 1 vol. North Carolina Term Reports, (sometimes bound and lettered are cited as the third Law Repository.) It...


    NONSENSE, - construction. That which in a written agreement or will is unintelligible. 2. It is a rule of law that an instrument shall be so construed that the whole, if possible, shall stand. When a matter is written grammatically rig...


    NONOBSTANTEVEREDICTO. - Notwithstanding the verdict. See Judgment non obstante veredicto.


    NON USER. - The neglect to make use of a thing. 2. A right which may be acquired by use, may be lost by non-user, and an absolute discontinuance of the use for twenty years affords presumption of the extinguishment of the right, in favor...


    NON TERM. - The vacation between two terms of a court.


    NON TENURE - , pleading. A plea in a real action, by which the defendant asserted, that he did not hold the land, or at least some part of it, as mentioned in the plaintiff's declaration. 1 Mod. 250. 2. Non tenure is either a plea in bar o...


    NON TENUIT. - He did not hold. The name of a plea in bar in replevin, when the plaintiff has avowed for rent arrear, by which the plaintiff avows that he did not hold in manner and form as the avowry alleges.


    NON TENENT INSIMUL, - pleadings. A plea to an action in partition, by which the defendant denies that he holds the property, which is the subject of the suit, together with the complainant or plaintiff.


    NON SUIT. - The name of a judgment given against a plaintiff, when be is unable to prove his case, or when he refuses or neglects to proceed to the trial of a cause after it has been put at issue, without determining such issue. 2. It i...


    NON SUBMISSIT. - The name of a plea to an action of debt or a bond to perform an award, by which the defendant pleads that he did not submit. Bac. Ab. Arbitr. &c., G.